We take care in meeting the specific needs of our educational customers. Special attention is paid to scheduling, extra security measures and safety. Our technicians are provided site specific training to meet the requirements of each campus. Educational facilities have unique needs and requirements due to their expansive campuses and mix of old and new building equipment. We specialize in retrofitting existing equipment to increase the longevity and overall system efficiency. We provide the support needed for expansion of everything from a single classroom to a major campus addition or building.

Old school with playground

Health Care

Our 30 years of experience includes servicing and maintaining health care facilities. The employees at B&D Controlled Air understand the privacy and sensitive needs of our Long Term Care facilities, Physicians Offices and Hospitals. Confidentiality and respect for the patients and residents are a top priority for all of our employees. We adhere to the health and safety requirements of each facility and have technicians on call 24/7 who are able to respond to emergency issues any time of day.

Nursing Home