Minor Repair Turns Into Major Headache

Proof positive that preventive maintenance is essential to maintaining equipment.  This unit does not receive regular service and as a result, an issue that would have been found during a scheduled maintenance visit and what would have been an easy fix was not found until the blower assembly blew apart.  Luckily, we are in the shoulder season where temperatures are not extreme. Had this happened during peak season things would have been much worse and the employee who complained of a “banging noise” from the unit would have been even more upset if they didn’t have air conditioning for an extended period during the middle of summer.

A minor repair that, left unchecked, turned into a major problem for this building. Unit was down for two weeks while repair parts were ordered and installed.

A minor repair that left unchecked, turned into a major problem for this building. The unit was completely inoperable until repair parts could be ordered and installed.

Preparing for Warmer Weather

I think we can all agree that this winter has been long and seemingly, never ending.  I will be glad for the days when I can open my windows and let in some fresh air and sunshine but typical New England spring days seem to be short lived and spring can turn into hot and humid with little advance warning.  That is why now is the time to schedule your spring preventive maintenance service for your air conditioning system.  Preventive maintenance visits allow our technicians the time to fully inspect and service all equipment that hasn’t been utilized for months and make sure that everything will be operating properly when you turn your system to a/c mode. Having the maintenance performed earlier in the season also gives you more time to order any repair parts or replacement units without your system being down in the middle of the summer.  Call our office today to schedule your spring service 860-355-3705.

EPA Outlines Final R-22 Phaseout Plan

The EPA recently announced their final phasedown plan for production and importation of R-22 refrigerant. Property owners, managers and facility directors have been wondering for years when this type of refrigerant will become more difficult to obtain, forcing them into the purchase of new equipment versus repairing existing systems.

The plan implements a 51% reduction in the millions of pounds of refrigerant available in 2015 versus 2014. The government agency plans to maintain this same trajectory into 2020 when the refrigerant is completely phased out and unavailable for purchase.

Now is the time to begin thinking about how the new rules will impact your equipment and long term budget. Contact our office 860-355-3705 to schedule an appointment to review all of your systems that may be affected by this new ruling.

B&D Controlled Air Corp. honored by Rebuilding Together

B&D Controlled Air Corp. was recently awarded the 2014 Corporate Partners Award by Rebuilding Together of Litchfield County.  We are honored to receive this distinction from such an amazing organization.

Rebuilding Together of Litchfield County, which helps rural homeowners in need repair and renovate their homes, depends on grants and donations of labor and materials from local vendors and contractors.

For more information about Rebuilding Together click here.

Rich Tesorioro, P.E. available to help with energy upgrade projects

rich-tesorioroB&D Controlled Air Corp. is excited to announce our partnership with Rich Tesoriero, P.E. Rich is an experienced mechanical engineer and project manager with over 20 years of experience with HVAC systems, controls, and manufacturing.

Rich loves collecting and analyzing data to solve complex problems such as: using building management system data to improve HVAC system performance, designing CHP systems including data acquisition systems for measurement and verification of energy savings, simulating building energy use with eQuest, and commissioning manufacturing process control equipment. Since 2012, Rich has consulted to multiple Smart Building startups and is focused on the application of internet based technologies to improve building performance.

Rich is an expert in building performance rating methodologies and has validated the energy performance of several Energy Star rated office buildings ranging from 100,000 – 700,000 sf. Rich has also developed three 7 hour courses for the Institute for Design Professionals including, “Introduction to Commercial Building Energy Efficiency”, “2010 Changes to the NYS Energy Conservation Code”, and “Introduction to Smart Buildings.”

Rich is a registered professional engineer in Connecticut, an AEE Certified Energy Manger, and an ASHRAE Certified Commissioning Process Management Professional. Rich earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and an MBA from Western CT State University.

Rich is available to help with solutions to any particular challenge your facility may wish to undertake. He has provided many of our customers with energy savings and incentives for their energy upgrade projects. To schedule an appointment with Rich please call our office at 860-355-3705.